Monday, 4 April 2011

Finished project - neck choker.

As I was working on the Sirona gown I toyed with the idea of making a neck choker or decorative neck piece to go with it.  This is what that idea turned into............

Using some of the left-over pale gold satin I cut a strip 11" by 1" and used a soldering iron to set the edges in a decorative scalloped effect.  I also cut out three randomly shaped triangles of the fabric, plus another four in organza and finished the edges in the same way.

Then all I had to do was pinch, twist and arrange them in place on the neck band, hand stitch them in place and voila!  It was satisfyingly quick to put together aswell - about an hour.  I'd like to develop this idea further, maybe play around with the design a bit or even make it oversized and competely over the top!

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