Saturday, 25 February 2012

Finished Project: Pink and Silver Butterfly Corset

The most fatal thought when sewing must surely be "the hard parts done, the rest should be plain sailing........".  followed shortly by "D'oh!".  Maybe it's just me but if dare to think that a project is going really well, it's like asking for trouble.

It turns out that sewing delicate filigree wire with fairly delicate silver thread onto the surface of fabric which has steel boning in it is not 'plain sailing'...but I got there in the end.

View of the front-ish.

View of the back-ish.

And a close-up!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Project: Pink and Silver Butterfly Corset

As part of my ongoing quest to improve my corsetry skills, my latest mission has been to draft a pattern for a simple six panelled overbust corset from my basic dress block.  I did a quick toile to make sure there were not any glaring errors and then moved onto phase two which involved some pretty pink fabric from my stash....

The perils of flash photography - it's a little bit shinier than in reality!

I thought it would be fun to incorporate my printing technique from my last corset (the Pre-raphaelite underbust) as well as some wire applique.

My method for bringing the design together across the front was a bit precarious to say the least.  I positioned my wire filigree and took loads of photos to document their position on the corset.  Then I had to carefully maneuver the corset around whilst applying the butterfly print.

Once the butterflies were set I could then place and sew each piece of filigree wire down.  A bit of a fiddly job but it was worth it and I will show you the results in my next post.