Sunday, 17 July 2011

Finished Project: Blue Striped Underbust Corset

I loved making my little underbust corset and I thought it would be a a great canvas for trying out new ideas.  

 This is the first, made from two shades of blue dupion cut in alternating panels to create a striped effect.

I used steel to bone this and actually I think I prefer cable ties.  My pale blue and gold underbust gives slightly better waist shaping!  Maybe it has something to do with the flexibility of the cable ties?

For my next version of this corset I'm planning on incorporating some embroidery.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Aphrodite Gown -Bodice Progress

The fiddliest bit of this project is the bodice draping.  I think I spent around 2-3 hours pinning, adjusting, repinning and readjusting on the stand, trying to get the fabric to fall just right.  Once I was happy with it I tacked it all firmly in place.

The bodice front with a drapey cowl, crossover thing going on.  You can also see the skirts are pleated up and taking shape, they will also have a pleated chiffon overlay.

The bodice back which also has a cowl, drapey thing going on.  The bodice is now ready to have the skirts attached and then I will be needing to insert a concealed zip.  Unfortunately I live in a city which for some bizarre reason has a complete lack of concealed zips in all of the haberdashers.  This means an adventure further afield where I will end up buying armfuls of fabric, trims and pretty what-nots instead of just the zip. Yay!